Terms and Conditions

FisherOogle.com is a directory listing of places, businesses, and events that are related to the fishing industry. Sport fishing, commercial fishing, equipment manufacturers, guides, lodges, charter boats, tackle stores, boat builders, boat ramps, and other fishing related places, services, and products are all considered as qualifying content.

Geographical locations such as Boat Ramps are not allowed to be owned or sponsored by anyone except if the location is actually by that entity (such as a Marina who owns and operates a boat ramp).

Standard directory listings are free and include up to 8 pictures per listing. Non fishing related listings will be removed if deemed inappropriate.

If you are the owner of a business listed on FisherOogle.com, you can make a claim for the listing and upon approval, get access to control and manage the listing. Why is this here? As we continue to build FisherOogle.com we will at times do a search for a business or service in an area that we wish to provide listings for, and automatically add them to the system at no cost to the owner of the business. We are happy to turn over business listings to the actual business owners whenever we can.   If another business or entity lists a business that belongs to someone else and a claim is made for that listing, we will investigate the matter and require proof of ownership before processing a claim turn-over in ownership.

The Free Listing in FisherOogle.com is free for a minimum period of 2 years, and although we intend for the free listing to be free forever, we do reserve the right to adjust our terms and conditions at our discretion.

The Featured Listing is a paid for directory listing, ensuring that it will be seen before other non-featured listings on searches and displays within the FisherOogle.com system. Featured Listings are good for 3 months at a time for a price of $29.99 for that period. Expiration notices will be sent a week before the Feature Listing expires providing the listing owner the opportunity to renew. Renewals for Feature Listing can be processed as many times as you wish.  Listing in other search engines for FisherOogle.com content is out of our control and we provide no warrants to the order of display outside of the FisherOogle.com system.

The Free EVENT Listing in FisherOogle.com is free until it expires. No Events should be listed and active out past 24 months of the listing date in FisherOogle.com. Fishing related content only will be allowed. There are many topics that can be considered as related such as a Business Sale Rep Seminar that is taking place at a fishing lodge, or related to the business of fishing in some manner. Use your creativity and keep it clean and somehow related.

The Featured EVENT Listing is a paid for listing, ensuring that it will be sen before other non-featured listings on searches and displays within the FisherOogle.com system. Featured Listings are good until the Event has past. Featured Listings are priced at $9.99 per listing.

FisherOogle.com is a directory listing service that allows users to include and add their own listing in the system for free. Due to the nature of this business model, it is possible for malicious intentions to be uploaded to the site and we will do everything in our power to remove any offensive or inappropriate content.

Inappropriate and Offensive content is at thee discretion of the FisherOogle.com but generally consist of Adult content of a sexual or violent nature.

FisherOogle.com reserves the right to refuse services to anyone at any given time for any cause. Just keep it clean, factual, and informative and no issues should arise.